Lizard Alebrije
Lizard Alebrije

Lizard Alebrije

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 Details: Lizard Alebrije

Material: Wood 

Color: Green

Dimensions: 16 X 14 5 cm | 6 X 5 X 2 in


What is an Alebrije?

Alebrijes are magical imaginary creatures that have elements from different animals such as dragon bodies, bat wings, wolf teeth and dog eyes. They populate a colorful world all of their own that incarnates the spirit and aesthetic of a nation and that can be traced back to one man, Pedro Linareswho created them in the 1930´s. They were originally made with papier mache but nowadays they are also wood carved.

Alebrijes have become so popular that even the world’s most respected Spanish language authority, the La Real Academia de la Lengua Española, has included the term “Alebrije”.