About Us

Offering the best of Mexico to you

We are an online store with Mexican products with which we, as Mexicans proud of our country, identify with. We also publish innovative and dynamic information about things that are valuable of Mexico. Our main target is: Mexicans living abroad, appealing to their feelings of nationalism and nostalgia, although we are sure that a lot of Americans with commercial relationships with Mexico or interested on the history and culture of this country will find it very useful.


At mexico2us we want to share our love of our country by sharing its magic, colors, happy people, traditions, places, art, food and more, as well as by creating a community of successful Mexicans in the US, throughout our web and social media.


For us, there is a niche within the nostalgia market composed of Mexicans who value ​​high quality craftsmanship as well as contemporary design; who love real Mexican food and its diversity; who value ​​the cultural wealth of Mexico and who want to communicate that identity to the people they interact with while living abroad, but don’t have one source to obtain these products and information.

We want to show what Mexico is to us and to bring that Mexico to the US.