We foresee an opportunity to change and improve the image of Mexico in the USA through the Mexicans that live abroad, although in the attempt of doing so, they may not have all the tools to achieve it. We can provide those tools to Mexican people living in the US by:

First of all, giving access to information of what we believe that Mexicans living abroad should feel proud of. We include some touristic information, but Mexico is a lot more than that. We want to show our culture, our gastronomy, our history, and examples of successful Mexicans, among many other things. Therefore you will be able to find information about places like Valle de Bravo; about how we celebrate our independence; the history of some arts and crafts such as alebrijes; how Moncayo turned the Huapango into a symphonic piece; in gastronomy, what is a panucho; the importance of the Mayans; and how Diego Luna became a Star Wars character.

Then offering food and ingredients that Mexicans use at home but that are not easy to get in US retailers. We believe that real Mexican food is one of the best and with more variety in the world, so by giving Mexicans access to it, they can fulfill the nostalgia feeling and also share this important side of our culture to Americans. We offer products like cochinita pibil, mole sauce, dry hibiscus flower and chilitos (hot candy such as dry mango and tamarind).

Finally, with a gift shop that sells high quality arts and crafts, jewelry, silver items, clothes and books. Arts and crafts that Mexicans feel proud to show in their homes like an Olinala hand painted box; modern jewelry that not only shows Mexican identity, but could easily be worn with an evening dress; silver such as a clip to carry your money; clothes like a rebozo that can be an accessory for an outfit, but which is used by indigenous women as an essential part of their life (as an item for carrying babies for example); and coffee table books to easily show the best of Mexico in topics like mural painting and architecture.

We believe that these three tools (information, food and gifts) can help Mexicans living abroad not only remember the love they feel for their country, but to be proud of it and share it among the American people they interact with. Mexicans will have the information required to explain to their neighbor or co-worker the origin of tequila, for example, and teach them how to drink it by sipping it slowly and not as a shot. Mexicans living abroad will also be able to give a set of blown glass caballitos as a present and bring some tacos de cochinita (habaneros peppers included) to the next get-together in a beautiful talavera and pewter plate.