San Jose Iturbide, Guanajuato

Do you want to escape a weekend to a place away from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by huge mountains that almost touch the clouds? This place exists, is in Guanajuato and is called San José Iturbide.

If you throw yourself, these are the best activities you can do in this corner of Guanajuato.

Rock climbing: If you like challenges and overcoming yourself, then the rock formations known as The Churches are for you. In its steep walls you can climb or practice rappel with different levels of difficulty. A great attraction of this place are the altars and sanctuaries, which local people place in the hollows of the rock that function as niches.

Flying in paragliding: That impossible dream that man could fly today is already a reality. Dare to cross the skies of Guanajuato in paragliding, a route of height that will allow you to know from another perspective the small town of San Jose Iturbide. Do not forget to bring your camera to capture your experience!

Horseback riding amongst Christmas trees: Experience Christmas in its entire splendor in the Natural Park Las Mancañas, where, mounted on horseback, you can walk the paths of pine and oak, and if you like one tree, you can take it home.

Ecotourism Park El Peral: Between forests of pine, oak and fir you can camp or spend the night in one of the cabins of the area; zip lining; test your resistance to vertigo and cross the suspension bridge; practice mountain biking or simply walk the trails and fill yourself with new energies.

A walk in San Jose Iturbide: And since you walk through these homes, do not forget to visit the center of San Jose Iturbide, a colonial corner full of stories. For example, it is said that the organ of the main church was bought in a synagogue in New York, arrived by boat to Veracruz and from the port they took it by mule to its present home.

The walls of this same church keep as many incredible secrets as the frescoes that were recently discovered under layers of white paint. These frescoes are being rescued so that they come to the public light and embellish the construction.

Do not forget to visit El Diezmo, an old hacienda where a collection of paintings from The New Spain are preserved in this place, which now functions as a hotel.

Do not think about it anymore, pack your suitcase and throw yourself into this corner of Guanajuato!