Remember me.... how Children's Day is celebrated in Mexico

In addition to the Day of Kings, in Mexico there is another celebration in which the youngest of the family have a great time. For all mexican children, there is no other day as important as it is on April 30; the Children’s Day is celebrated throughout the country. This commemoration arose as a result of the United Nations Organization seeking to celebrate the Universal Day of the Child, and although officially it is November 20, the mexican kids enjoy the festival in the month of april.

For this date, all the people celebrate those who with their smiles and some antics, bring warmth and joy to each of the mexican homes. In schools, for example, teachers and parents prepare a day in which the little ones only worry about having a good time. For a day, books, mathematics and geography are replaced by sweets, music and fun.

It is also common to prepare cultural activities, festivals, outings to recreational places or social gatherings, but for children there is nothing more important than what they dream of every day: toys. April 30 is the perfect date for girls and boys to spend all afternoon enjoying the gifts that the family gives them.

Commonly parents give their children toys that are advertised at all hours on television and also monopolize the entire sideboards in shopping centers, but why not make a children's day more special by giving away details that besides being unique, are one hundred percent mexican? These are one hundred percent mexican toys that you can give away this day, some are also available in the Mexico2Us store:

  • Rag dolls. It is the quintessential mexican toy, because at least all the girls want to have a Maria among their collection of dolls. They are ideal because they don’t need extreme care, they don’t break or need batteries, and unlike plastic toys, rag dolls don’t need extra accessories.

  • Lottery. It’s elaborated in a very simple way but it is with which children spend more hours of fun. To play with the lottery you only needed small stones or beans with which you were marking the images that "el gritón" was mentioning. The funniest part was when the winner shouted with all his strength: Lotería!
  • Alebrijes. In addition to the fact that each of the alebrijes has unique and unrepeatable forms, children can create endless stories playing with them. With their exotic and rare animal forms, the alebrijes work so that stories and adventures to reach as far as the imagination of children allows.
  • Wood toys. The options are different: the spinning top (trompo), the bearing (balero), the yoyo or the pirinola. The most incredible thing is that these toys are not sophisticated and yet allow children to develop their skills in order ti be better playing with them.

If the Children's Day comes and you don’t know what to give to that little person who knows how to put a smile on your face every day, surely one of these options will convince you, besides giving away mexican toys has several advantages: promoting nationalism, supporting the industry of mexican artisans and why not? maybe you discover that if you and your children play with alebrijes, together you can find a world like Miguel's, the boy from the Coco’s movie who visited the incredible world of the dead.

Don’t forget to visit the Mexico2Us catalog to discover which of these toys are available. You can also buy products that mean more than just a gift. The delicious Paletas Payaso, for example, will bring you many memories of Mexico. And how do you remember your Children's days?