Three reasons why you will love alebrijes

In addition to the tears of emotion that the film Coco left on our cheeks, the Disney Pixar movie taught us a lot about the traditions and customs that Mexican culture has. Although the main theme in the film was the Day of the Dead, Coco portrayed very well what Mexico constantly exports to the rest of the world: papel picado (shredded paper), its regional music, its parties, and even wrestling. However, what the movie showed with much effort was the important and picturesque role that the fascinating alebrijes have.


Even though they have existed in Mexican culture for a long time, few people really know the meaning and story of these artistic figures. When watching the film Coco, you will be delighted with such mystical characters, a reason from which you should have one at home.


Their origins: It was in the decade of the thirties during the past century when Mexican artist Pedro Linares had a revelation while sleeping. Prostrated in bed due to an illness that afflicted him, Linares dreamt of unknown creatures living in the forest that had certain forms similar to some animals. The beings seemed to be a fusion of body parts of donkeys, roosters, butterflies and eagles, among other creatures.


Their creation: From that moment on, Pedro began to devote time in the creation of the new beings that he glimpsed in his dreams and that he would later name alebrijes. In this endeavor, he mostly used cardboard and paper. Presently, it is common to find figures made of other materials such as wood or Paper Mache. It is important to note that every alebrije must be as colorful as possible, just as Pedro Linares saw the creatures in his dream.


Their legacy: Over time, these artistic creations gained popularity all over Mexico. Despite the fact that alebrijes began to be serial produced without the use of molds, they still conserve their unique features and are regarded as artwork.


Nowadays, alebrijes turned to be a representative element of the Mexican culture, a fact that the entire team in charge of Coco has assumed very well during the movie production.


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